What happened... the quick version

We found a room it cost $850 a month. We paid $400 toward rent and a $50 pet deposit. We were moved into room 112 and this room had cockroaches and the first night we were there the sewage came up into our shower. We were moved to room 114 the rent goes up to $900 a month, and this room was prety good except for the cockroaches. The motel had a large room and since we were planning on living at the hotel for awhile, it would suit our needs. There were people living there, but as soon as they left, we moved in, we had the same cockroach problem, but had gotten prety good at getting rid of them by now. This room (room113) suited our needs until it got infested with mold, My entire familygot very sick, the manager moved us (but not our belongings) to a tiny tiny room ( room 102 ) they want me to pay$850 a month for, All my stuff ended up having to be stored because it is full of mold. Now this new room, is full of mold just like room 113. Other patrons have told us there is mold in their rooms as well. As soon as I told the manager that the mold is a problem the owner gave me a 30 day notice. Now I am about to be homeless, but at least I will not be breating in mold every day