Room 102

We were moved into room 102 supposedly on a temporary basis so they could fix room 113. Room 102 is a standard motel room with two beds. I live with my wife and seventeen year old daughter, we need more room than this room has. I complained and the owner came by and The owner, The Manager, The Maintenance man , and I had a talk. I was told that room 113 would be taking a while longer than planned to get it fixed so we could move back into room 114 (where we were happy before), but it was currently rented out, so as soon as the people left, we could move into that room. The owner asked me to write down my losses and get that information to him, so he could take care of it. I made up the list, and used thrift store prices to price everything, so to be nice about the situation. I showed him $876.00 worth of lost/damaged items plus a very expensive quilt that was damaged. I also asked for an additional $200.00

I asked management to get my stuff cleaned so we could bring them to our new room without spreading mold.As soon as the owner heard about this, he went into freak out mode. he demanded we take everything out of room 113 immediatly, so we packed our food into ice chests and rented a storage unit for all of our moldy belongings. I am very poor, and since the ice machine here at the motel is broken, and I could not afford the ice, we ended up giving away some of our food and some went bad.