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On December 3, 2010, Room 113 came open. This is a much larger room. The manager told us it would be $1,000.00 a month, so we moved in. On December 4 th it started raining, and we noticed the carpet was wet outside our bathroom Door. I reported this to management, and they felt that it was because the Water Heater was leaking on the other side of the wall from our room. The owner came by after three days and bypasses the leaking water heater. I was given a carpet shampoo machine, and my wife and I sucked up the water and shampooed the carpets to get them clean. I kept management informed, because the carpet never seemed to dry out. We were electrocuted several times when in the wet area, so we let management know about this as well. On December 14 th rain again started and it rained for a week. During this week the carpet along the back wall got wet, and has stayed wet since. At this point we noticed a mold growing along the back wall.

I informed management and the maintenance guy. They had my wife wipe it down with bleach. The carpet continued to stay wet, so they had us keep fans on it to dry it. We vacuumed it (with our own vacuum) daily and left windows open to try and dry it out, but it stayed wet.

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